– Inform Target Guest Satisfaction Survey – How about sharing your shopping experience at target and get a chance to win reward worth $25 and $1500? If you had a good time at Target and wanted to tell your moment of joy at a store, Target is conducting an online survey on its official website where you can display the same.

Take InformTarget Survey is an online platform designed by a target to receive feedback from their customer. Target is proactively telling the customers through the Survey to inform them if there is any problem they are getting while shopping; hence a company can take action accordingly.

Take InformTarget Survey

Even though you had a great time at target and received a good service from the staff, you may express your gratitude by Survey. Giving your positive feedback will boost the company’s confidence and encourage the target’s staff efforts, and therefore, they continue giving the best service in the future.

Inform Target Guest Satisfaction Survey - Win Rewards – Inform Target Guest Satisfaction Survey

Target welcomes every kind of feedback, whether positive or negative because criticism will give them an idea where they are lacking off?  What particular area where the company needs to work in?

As we all know that we don’t receive good service and satisfied product every time we visit the store. Sometimes we don’t be treated adequately, or we don’t feel happy and content with a product that we buy; in such case, to save time intending not to create a scene, we neglect and leave the store. However, leaving just like that will not do any good either to you or the store; thus, it becomes essential to express your disappointment, and the Survey is a great approach to do that without any hesitation.

Take InformTarget Survey

Target is a very well known and admired retailer store in the USA because of its reasonable prices; the target has a good image in the working-class section. It provides quality products at moderate prices.

Target provides A opportunity to win a prize meriting $25 as an appreciation gift. Once a customer successfully completed the Survey, they can be eligible to win prizes. Target offers a chance to win two gift vouchers to the customer worth $25 and $1500.

In this Survey, customers need to give an overall rating based on their experience at a target on the level of highly satisfied, satisfied, neither satisfied nor satisfied, dissatisfied, and highly dissatisfied. It is 5 to 6 minutes survey, that’s all. You don’t need to do extra, and you will not be asked to pay any dollar as well. Survey GUIDE

About the Target

Target comes second in the USA as a retailer in terms of discount and eight in expansion and revenue. Target is highly dedicated to their customer for providing the best shopping experience at each time on their visit. Target’s supercenter, superstore and hypermarket have many people to guarantee business operation.

Take InformTarget Survey

In 1962, Target established itself as a discount division of Dayton’s company. Target started expanding its store to the various countries in the 1980s. Company get recognition as a low-priced retailer in a market.

Target Feedback survey requirements, terms and conditions

  • A valid purchase receipt is mandatory in order to take part in a survey.
  • A survey code is one of the important requirement for participation.
  • Another essential rule to take part in a survey is that one should be a legal resident of any 50 states of America. Except for USA Citizens, no one allowed to take part in the Survey.
  • A person who wants to participate in a survey should have any smartphone, PC, and tablets with a stable and active internet connection.
  • A person wishes to engage in the Survey is either 18 years old or above 18 years.
  • One who desires to participate in the Target guest satisfaction survey should have a basic knowledge of English and Spanish. Whatever language you will choose, the entire Survey will be in that language only.
  • A person who works for Target and their relatives are not eligible to engage in Survey.
  • A person cannot sell the Gift voucher or transfer it into cash or any other alternative. It’s strictly prohibited.
  • A person must participate in the Survey within seven days from the last visit to the target store.

Take InformTarget Survey

The Gradual Process of Taking Part in Inform Target Guest Satisfaction Survey - Official Target Survey - Get $1500 Gift Card

  1. Open the browser that you often used.
  2. Enter the official survey site of Target that is
  3. Now there will be two languages: English and Spanish; choose the language you are comfortable giving a survey.
  4. Now, you have to enter the id and password, which you can find on your purchase receipt from the target store, enter the same time and date of your last visit. Make sure you fill the details in an appropriate time because out in 20 minutes.
  5. Enter NEXT for the following step
  6. Once you enter the details, you will get several questions on a screen that you need to answer as per shopping experience at target. Please give your genuine feedback and be polite and gentle while giving answers.

Take InformTarget Survey

  1. After completion of the Survey, you will be notified whether you win $25 or not. You also get a chance to enter into sweepstake contest to win $1500.
  2. You need to provide your details such as First name, last name, address, zip code, and state to participate in sweepstake contest.
  3. Here Survey is over, now it’s time to enter submit, but before that, make sure that you entered the correct details and if it’s all ok then,
  4. Enter SUBMIT

It will take a few minutes to finish the Survey, plus you can win $25 Target gift voucher and an opportunity to win $1500 in a national month to month sweepstake. - Official Target Survey


I Have accumulated all the necessary information regarding Survey as per my complete knowledge and understanding. If you have read the whole article, you would probably understand the purpose of the Survey and how you can participate.

Take InformTarget Survey

So, please give your few precious minutes to share your feedback and be a good customer. Moreover, exciting prices are waiting for you, give it your best try. I wish you good luck.

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